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Apr. 10th, 2020 03:55 pm
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LJ recently moved it's servers to Russia and changed it's Terms of Service. There's an article on Gizmodo here and on another site here. I've had some people ask if we are going to move the Comm to another site. At the moment, no we don't. But I wanted to get opinions on the matter.

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Hey all! I was wondering if there are fics out there that portray Sam being in a mental hospital or insane asylum at the end of season 7 beginning of season 8 when Dean was in purgatory instead of with Amelia.

Either fics of that time or after the time with Dean finding out are good for me.
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I went to go re-read this wonderful fic to find that they've deleted their journal :( I'm so sad as this was a great J2 story and so funny too.

Does anyone know if there is a copy of this story around and if so, could you please share it???

massive virtual hugs in advance!
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Hello fellow travelers! I'm looking for any and all fix it fics for Dark Side of the Moon. I know it just continued the storyline, but I never understood why they didn't know they were being tricked. I mean, one of Dean's memories was of his mom crying over his father, how was THAT a happy memory? So, please, rec away! No dean/castiel please. Gen and wincest are fine.

Thanks in advance!
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Hello! I am looking for a PDF copy of Someone you might have been by fleshflutter . I have seen some posts about it in the community but all the links I've found are dead. I thought I'd post to see if anyone had a working link to download a PDF or a copy they wouldn't mind sending my way before I spent a lot of time making my own PDF.

Thanks! :)


Looking for specific mpreg fic

Jul. 6th, 2017 10:09 pm
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I'm looking for a mpreg fic that I know used to be on the samdean archive, but I'm not sure if it was ever transferred to AO3 since I can't remember the author or title. What I remember is that Dean got pregnant, but ran away because when he'd asked San if he ever wanted kids Sam had said no. So he ends up at this cabin where Sam finally tracks him down. Dean acts like an ass to get Sam to leave, telling him the kid isn't even his, that it's just the result of either a one night stand or a john, I can't remember which way he went. Anyways, Sam leaves initially, and Dean goes into labour right after.

If anyone could help me by either having a link that works or a copy they could send me that would be amazing.


LF Specific Omega!Dean fic

Jul. 6th, 2017 08:01 pm
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I remember reading a fic titled something like "What Dean Knows for Certain" years ago on one of the kinkmemes but can't find a working link for it anywhere. The premise was that Dean chooses to become an omega behind John's back to spare Sam from that fate.

Does anyone happen to have a working link/downloadable copy they would be willing to send my way?

Thanks so much in advance!