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Location:Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Website:妖孽 @ livejournal




a crazy slasher

currently in Supernatural fandom

*propably will stay for quite a long time.*

Sam/Dean & Jared/Jensen are in my perfect world.

oh boys!



I friend you because i like your works


we have some common interests


simply i just like YOU.

I defriend you because

your ID looks like this: "yourname" for a long time,


an alien hacks my account and being naughty...

feel free to add or to defriend me.

I'm not easily offended~ :)

At the same time,

i have low standard of so-called morality


never be too seriouse.

So people,

you have been warned.







i am a lazy lazy person who barely update

don’t think im dead or sth~


I'm not dead



OTP = Jared/Jensen

Interests (129):

adam lambert, alicia keys, alternative rock, angst, bad skiing, band of brothers, being fannish, being sarcastic, being skeptical, biking, bisexual, bisexuality, black coffee, black humor, bottom!sam, boys kissing, boys touching, brock kelly, café del mar, caroline lufkin, chemical brothers, count d, cowboy bebop, craig armstrong, crime fiction, darren hayes, dean/jared, dean/sam, desperate love, don't give a crap, draco malfoy, enigma, environment, epic love, evanescence, evil!sam, ewan mcgregor, fanfic, fanfiction, feminine boys, fiction, fm le sieur, fujoshi, h.o.t, hard rock, harry/draco, hayden christensen, hide, hiking, horny, hyde, immortal, immortality, imogen heap, incontestable top!dean, ivri lider, j2, jamie del moon, jared padalecki, jared/jensen, jealous!jared is the cutest, jensen ackles, jeremy dufour, l'arc~en~ciel, laozi, latter days, lene marlin, leon kennedy, lounge music, love, lurking around, manip, mathias lauridsen, misha collins, mishmish, models, moon hee jun, moral turpitude, music, mystery fiction, new age, obsessions, philosophy, photoshop, piano music, pretty boys, queer as folk, questionable top!jensen, resident evil, sam/dean, sammich, santiago montero, sarah connor chronicles, sarcasm, savage garden, saying "fuck", secret garden, sex, sexy men, shoes, shonen ai, shopping, skepticism, skillet, slash, sleeping, soul mate, sunset, supernatural, switchfoot, tattoos, the winchesters, thirteen senses, tragic love, traveling, twitter, underground music, vampire, walk on the beach, wank, will westall, wincest, winchester brothers, zen attitude, 美少年, 耽美, 腐女子, 菅野よう子, 문희준
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